About us

Nina Athanasiou

Nina Athanasiou, born 1977 in Germany, used to work as an Illustrator and was running a Cocktailbar after studying Fashion Design. 2013 she finally turned back to Fashion and has been presenting her Label successfully during Fashion Week in Berlin, New York, Boston, Vancouver and London, 2013 she got rewarded with the „Emerging Designer”-Award during Fashion Week London.
Since 2014 she works in Fashion Film as well – so far she has produced 3 Fashion Films, „AKUMA” ( nominated at the at the Fashion Film Festivals in London, Capetwon, Berlin and at the ASVOFF Mexico, Winner at the Australian Fashion Film Festival), „FASION JUNKIES” (Winner in 4 categories at the Fashion Film Festival in Oslo) and the latest work, „ATERIUS”. Nina Athanasiou is known for working with extraordinary models like Shaun Ross, Melanie Gaydos or Diandra Forrest.

Sylwia Makris

Sylwia Makris, born 1973 in Poland, switched from Sculpture to Photography in 2007. Within shortest time she became a well known Photographer through her impressive work, so far there have been numerous publications in Fashion- and Art Magazines. Actors, Musicians and Models like Shaun Ross or Melanie Gaydos have been her clients.
Her work has a very sensitiv deepness, involving the viewer in this very right moment and atmosphere of each image. „Every face has it’s story,” Sylwia says, „and it is telling more than it ever knows. Photography is not just the catched moment you see, it is also telling what could have been and what is waiting painfully under the surface.”